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Why You Should Schedule Drain Cleaning Before the Family Arrives

Your house is cleaned. All the food has been bought. Sleeping quarters have been set up, and you are just waiting for your guests to arrive. Unfortunately, you’re probably leaving out something important. If you’ve neglected to schedule drain cleaning, you are forgetting one crucial thing. This is just as important as your other preparations since it keeps clogs from resulting, prevents nasty smells, avoids major floods, and increases the speed of drainage for you and your visitors.

Keeps Clogs at Bay

As you and your family use your plumbing, substances build up in your drains and pipes. These substances include soap scum, debris from hair and dust particles, and sediment from minerals in the water. When there is enough buildup, clogs result, which can cause your plumbing to be unusable. When you have your drains professionally cleaned, all the buildup will be cleared out, your drains will be in good working order, and there will be no embarrassing clogs.

Prevents Nasty Smells

In addition to the buildup that occurs over time, bacteria also accumulate in your drains. When enough bacteria accumulate, you will notice foul odors. The last thing you want is for your guests to smell unpleasant odors in your home while they are there. You will not only be embarrassed, but your reputation may take a hit since word will travel fast about how your house is not the place to stay. Having your drains cleaned will ensure that all the bacteria is removed, and there will be no chances of your guests smelling foul odors.

Avoids Major Floods

If clogs are severe enough, they will lead to flooding. Clogs can cause major backups in your plumbing that can result in severe property damage and disruption to your family gathering. Getting your drains cleaned will significantly decrease the chances there will be serious flooding.

Increases the Speed of Drainage

Since you will be hosting several people in your home, there will be a need for many baths and showers. If water is draining slowly, this will cause serious frustration because guests will need to wait long periods to bathe. Drain cleaning will increase the speed of water drainage so guests will not have to wait too long to bathe, and frustrations will be kept to a minimum.

If you will be hosting a family gathering this year in Antioch or anywhere else in the East Bay area, you should contact us at Almighty Plumbing to schedule drain cleaning. Our licensed plumbers will thoroughly clear your drains and make certain that your plumbing is ready for your guests.

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