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Trenchless Sewer Repair
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Trenchless Sewer Repair & Replacement in Antioch, CA

A stress-free alternative to traditional sewer work is available! Call (925) 304-1006 today to learn about your options for trenchless sewer line repair or replacement in Antioch, CA.

Do you have sewer pipes that require immediate attention? Leaking or damaged sewer lines can cause you to experience problems with your drains and toilets.

Avoid a messy plumbing situation with professional sewer solutions from Almighty Plumbing. We understand that jobs involving your sewer line can significantly disrupt your property and turn into a big mess. Fortunately, you now have the option to go with trenchless solutions—the more efficient and less disruptive alternative to traditional sewer repair and replacement.

Contact us today to schedule an immediate sewer inspection and find out if trenchless sewer repair or replacement is the best solution for your property. We serve homeowners throughout Antioch and surrounding areas in Contra Costa County.

Sewer Video Inspections

Before we begin fixing your sewer line problem, we will first need to figure out what’s causing trouble in your system. In order to accomplish this we will conduct an initial inspection of your sewer line using noninvasive video technology. We will snake a high-definition camera through your sewer system to look for the source of the problem. This video inspection will allow us to clearly identify leaks, cracks, or damage.

Another advantage to performing an initial sewer video inspection is that it lets us determine the best approach to solving your sewer line problem—and if trenchless solutions are viable options.

Is Trenchless Sewer Repair or Replacement the Best Solution for Your Antioch Home?

While the trenchless method may seem like the more attractive option compared to traditional sewer repair or replacement, it isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. We will need to consider several factors before moving forward with the trenchless process.

Factors that need to be considered include ease of access to your sewer line and obstacles on your property that may prevent us from carrying out the trenchless method efficiently.

It’s also important to note that trenchless does not mean there won’t be any digging. It’s still necessary to dig access points to complete the job. However, these are limited to one or two points and won’t require the complete excavation of your entire sewer line.

Our team of experienced professionals will take the time to assess your specific plumbing situation and help you determine if the trenchless method can be carried out safely and efficiently on your property.

What to Expect From Our Trenchless Process

Trenchless sewer line repair and replacement will involve pipe bursting or pipe lining. Both will provide you with high-quality sewer line materials to ensure your long-term peace of mind.
The trenchless process can take as little as one or two days to complete, allowing your plumbing system to return to normal much sooner.