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Emergency Shut Off Valve

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Automatic Shut Off Valve in Antioch, CA

An emergency shut off valve is a critical addition to your home’s plumbing system. Think of it as built-in leak detection: the moment excess moisture or unusual water flow is detected, the valve shuts off your water supply, preventing water damage from leaks. The damage caused by leaks can be catastrophic, leading to mold growth, warped floors, unsightly stains, and weakened foundations. Adding an automatic water shut off valve to your East Bay home is a worthy investment, potentially saving you thousands of dollars down the line.

Some insurance companies in California will now require emergency shut off valves for homeowner compliance with insurance policies. Others offer incentives for water leak detection valves, as they reduce the risk of major damage to your home. Almighty Plumbing will work with you to install an automatic shut off valve in Antioch or your East Bay town. We are licensed to install Flo by Moen water shut off valves, which are recognized by insurance companies as reliable leak detection devices.

If you are interested in adding an emergency shut off valve to your home, contact Almighty Plumbing today for more information!