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The Patron Saint of Plumbing

Patron saints are related to the Christian religion and are said to offer protection and intercession for those in need. The saint is chosen based on their ties to a certain event, place, or thing and is often elected in the case of Roman Catholicism based on an association with a highly blessed act or “miracle”. In fact, there is probably a patron saint for just above anything, including St. Vincent Ferrer, the patron saint of plumbing.

Along with becoming a patron saint, each saint is honored on their feast day. St. Vincent Ferrer is celebrated on April 5th every year. Here’s why St. Vincent is the Patron Saint of Plumbing.

More Like the Patron Saint of Renos

St. Vincent is not only the Patron Saint of Plumbers, but also brick makers, builders, construction workers, and tile makers. He might more aptly be named the Patron Saint of Renos or Contractors. He was born in Valencia, Spain in 1350 and joined the Dominican Order in 1367.

Foreseen Blessedness

Even prior to his birth, his blessedness was foreseen when his father dreamt a Dominican preacher told him his son would acquire world-renowned famed. His mother was also told by a blind woman she would bear an “angel who would one day restore her sight”. Both prophecies came true.

Successful Student

St. Vincent became a dedicated student, receiving his Doctor of Theology from the University of Lleida.  His father was pleased at his success as he had recommended he choose a life dedicated to a religious, ecclesiastical, or secular state. Vincent happily dedicated himself to the service of God in the Order of St. Dominic and was ordained a priest by Cardinal Peter de Luna. He was then chosen Prior of the Dominican house in Valencia not too long after his ordination. When appointed to read lectures of philosophy during his studies, he published a treatise on Dialectic Suppositions just before turning 24. In Barcelona, he continued his scholastic exercises, where he correctly foretold the arrival of two vessels loaded with corn during a great famine. The corn arrived the same evening.

Returning Home

In Lerida at the University of Catalonia, he received his doctorate at the age of 28 and returned to his own country where he became known for his lectures and preaching. He was devoted to Mary, and was described as having a radiant countenance into his old age. He wrote a book titled, “A Treatise on a Spiritual Life” writing:  “Do you desire to study to your advantage?  Let devotion accompany all your studies and study less to make yourself learned than to become a saint.” So why is he considered the Patron Saint of Plumbers?

The Miracle on His Death Bed

As St. Vincent lay dying, he saw a vision of Christ, St. Francis of Assisi, and St. Dominic. As a result of this vision, he was miraculously cured. He began preaching about the last judgment and penance earning him the name the “angel of judgment.”  Though Vincent only spoke Spanish, he was understood by people of all languages, which is often referred to as speaking in tongues.

Becoming the Patron Saint of Plumbers

In the last 20 years of his life he converted thousands of people of various beliefs through Europe and Great Britain, including Jews and Mohammedans, heretics and schismatics. One of the most notable of his conversions was 8,000 Moors at the unwitting request of the Moorish king. He found the stories of St. Vincent’s miracles unsettling and sent for him to experience his miracles and preaching for himself. When he began to preach in Spanish, people were amazed they could understand him although they only spoke Arabic. 

Following three sermons, he managed to convert 8,000 Moors, but failed to reach nobles nor the King as they feared the total subversion of their religion. Through his preaching and stressing the need for repentance, people feared dying with sin and not being able to seek penance. It was through his achievement to “build up” the Church that he became the patron saint of people in the building trades.

He died in 1419 at the age of 69. A petition for his canonization from kings, bishops, universities, nobles, and peasantry led to Pope Nicholas V issuing an inquiry into the life, sanctity, and miracles of Vincent. He was canonized by Callixtus III, on June 29, 1455, in the Dominican Church of Rome, Santa Maria Sopra Minerva.If you would like more information about plumbing services in Antioch, speak to the experts at Almighty Plumbing today.

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