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Stopping Sewer Line Problems Before They Start

The best way to stop sewer line problems is to make sure they don’t happen in the first place. This means taking care of your sewer line, which means taking care of the drains in your home. Here are some tips to prevent problems in your sewer line. If you need more information, don’t hesitate to call your plumbing professionals.

Have Your Sewer Line Cleaned Out at Least Every Two Years

Cleaning out and inspecting your sewer line keeps it clear of debris that can not only clog it but cause it to crack or even break. Cracked or broken sewer lines are messy and expensive to repair. Cleaning out and inspections are jobs for professionals, and it may be a good idea to set up a schedule where your plumber automatically comes to your home to do inspections and cleanouts if necessary.

Don’t Plant Trees or Shrubs Above Your Sewer Line

The roots of trees and shrubs love the nitrogen found in the waste that flows through your sewer line. Some trees such as willows are aggressive, and their roots can infiltrate your line to the point where they clog it completely. Eventually, this can cause the line to rupture. Avoid planting trees and shrubs near your sewer line, though grass is fine.

Don’t Skimp on Materials

When you’re having your sewer line installed or replaced, buy the best-quality materials you can afford. This means materials that are not only waterproof but strong, corrosion- and shock-resistant, and durable. Good choices include polyvinyl chloride, or PVC, and acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, or ABS.

Flush Only Flushable Items Down the Drain

Only flushable items should go down your drains. This means bodily waste and toilet paper. Even products that say on the label that they’re flushable, such as female hygiene products, shouldn’t be flushed down the toilet or drain. Paper products other than toilet paper, which is made to disintegrate in the sewer lines, should never be flushed. Collect cooking grease and oil in something disposable, and toss it into the trash rather than pour it down your drain.

Use Backwater Prevention Valves

An intense rainstorm can cause backups in your sewer line that can contaminate your basement or crawlspace. This is not only repulsive and hazardous but also expensive to clean up. Avoid this by having a backwater prevention or sewer backup valve installed. These valves make sure that the waste in your sewer line only flows into the municipal sewer system and not toward your house.

Contact Us to Learn More About Sewer Line Care

You need your sewer line to be in good working order to prevent health hazards that are not only nasty but expensive to clean up. If you need more information about preventing sewer line problems or sewer line repair, get in touch with our plumbers at Almighty Plumbing of Antioch, CA.

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