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Protect Your Home This Holiday With a Sewer Inspection

Sewer inspections are a type of preventative care that can prevent leaks and other plumbing emergencies. The holidays are a popular time to entertain loved ones and friends at your home. The extra strain on your sewer system can easily result in issues with your pipes or the tank itself if the system is already struggling. Scheduling a sewer inspection will guarantee your peace of mind by lowering your risk of emergency plumbing calls and high repair or replacement costs.

Affordable and Fast

During a sewer line inspection, your plumbing professional will use a specialized camera to check every inch of the line. This is a quick, noninvasive procedure that doesn’t require any disruptive excavation. Throughout the year, food, wipes, grease, fats, and other objects can create blockages within the line. These clogs will at first slow down water flow before stopping it completely.

With a holiday right around the corner, you’re more likely to use your sewer system more frequently. More people in the house means more toilet, shower, and sink use. Inspecting your sewer lines before your guests arrive makes sure your plumbing is clear and capable of handling heavier use.

Monitors Health of Pipes

A yearly inspection will keep you informed of any changes to your sewer system’s health and structural integrity. Freezing issues, shifting dirt, and unhealthy sewer habits can all impact the usefulness of your plumbing and septic tank. For example, using harsh chemical cleaners may weaken your lines while significant blockages will push wastewater back into your home. Dealing with plumbing emergencies at any time of year is difficult, but it becomes especially stressful when your home is full of guests for the holiday.

Catches Early Warning Signs

You may not immediately associate a slow-draining sink or tub with a larger sewer issue. However, backed-up drains, odd sewage smells, and gurgling pipes can all indicate a substantial blockage or leak. The beginning signs of a sewer problem can start as small as a toilet clog or a change in how your grass looks. Unfortunately, if not caught in time, the problem can grow to impact your home’s comfort and efficiency. You may be stuck with a persistent sewer odor or wastewater sludge coating your sinks. An inspection gives an expert the chance to catch these early signs and correct the problem before it costs you more.

You can always count on our licensed plumbers to provide comprehensive, long-lasting sewer services. Call Almighty Plumbing to schedule your sewer lateral video inspection in Antioch, CA today.

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