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Maintaining Your Garbage Disposal Will Reduce Odors and Improve Functionality

Like a lot of plumbing fixtures, we don’t really think about our garbage disposals until they fail or start to smell bad. Because food and grease particles can get captured in your garbage disposal, it’s a very good idea to build a set of regular cleaning and maintenance habits to keep your disposal working well.

Use Lots of Water

Every time you run your disposal, make sure you have plenty of water running as well. The churning action of water inside your disposal is part of what cleans the walls. Food debris that might otherwise linger and give off an unpleasant odor will be washed away.

If you have a set of greasy dishes to wash and that water will drain through the disposal, make sure you use a degreasing soap. Simply fill the sink with hot water and plenty of soap, start to drain the sink, and fire up the disposal. When that water has drained, finish up the process with plenty of cool water.

Don’t Use Your Disposal to Chop Hard Objects

Just because your disposal blades and the motor are powerful enough to chop bones doesn’t mean that you should use them to chop anything that can shatter. The disposal is designed to get rid of bits of food waste. Find another way to get rid of bones.

Your disposal can be cleaned with ice. Load the disposal with ice, start running cold water, and let the disposal grind up the ice. Take care not to look into or lean over the disposal because ice shards can be dangerous.

Know When It’s Time to Replace a Disposal

Everything wears out. If your disposal is constantly jamming, it may be time to replace the unit. Garbage disposals are one of those tools that include many hazards. The combination of fresh water, waste water, and electricity can be risky if you don’t know what you’re doing.

A skilled plumber can help you choose the best disposal for your needs. If you have young children, it may be wisest to install a batch feed disposal. They won’t run without the cover on. If there aren’t any children in the home, a continuous feed disposal may be fine. Just make sure you’re only putting food down there, and don’t ask it to tackle tasks it wasn’t designed for.

Whether your Antioch, CA home has a failing or brand-new garbage disposal, our team at Almighty Plumbing can help you fix, replace, or maintain it, so call us today for assistance.

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