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Is It Time to Replace Your Garbage Disposal?

Your garbage disposal may be one of those appliances you didn’t think you needed until you had one. It conveniently makes short work of food scraps that you would otherwise have to rake into the trash and, eventually, bring out to the garbage collector or drive to the recycling plant. But how do you know when your garbage disposal is on its last legs?

The Garbage Disposal Makes Weird Noises

Sometimes, things fall into the garbage disposal that don’t belong there, like a utensil. This leads to strange noises. But if you check with a flashlight and don’t find anything unusual but the sound persists, it might be a sign that you need a new unit.

There’s a Persistent Bad Smell

Bad smells are caused when particles of food get trapped in the unit and can’t find their way out. As you shouldn’t stick your fingers or even a tool like a letter opener into the garbage disposal’s blades, you might want to call in a professional plumber. If they can’t fix the problem, it’s time to get a new appliance.

The Garbage Disposal Won’t Turn On

A unit that won’t turn on at all is a sign of something serious. You should call a professional if you’ve pressed the reset button and checked the circuit breaker but the garbage disposal still won’t run. It also may be time for a replacement.

The Garbage Disposal Is Leaking

After many years of service, the unit is at risk of simply breaking down. This can lead to leaks that are too expensive to repair. It’s time to get a new unit.

The Appliance Clogs Frequently

Clogs start to develop in a garbage disposal unit because the blades that would finely chop food scraps start to wear out and grow dull. This not only can cause backups in your kitchen’s plumbing but also can lead to odors as discussed above. Clogs that keep cropping up are a sign that you need a new garbage disposal.

You Need to Keep Pressing the Reset Button

You shouldn’t have to keep pressing your garbage disposal’s reset button to get it to work. If you do find yourself pressing the button all the time, it’s probably an indication that the unit needs to go.

Call Us for More Information on Your Garbage Disposal

It may be hard to know whether your garbage disposal unit is good for another few years or whether you should just get a new one. Our professionals are here to help you decide. If you’re wondering whether you need a garbage disposal repair or replacement, don’t hesitate to call us at Almighty Plumbing of Antioch, CA.

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