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Simple and Easy Maintenance Tips to Keep Drainpipes Healthy

Plumber Fixing Sink Pipe

How often do consider what you’re putting down the drain? Probably almost never, unless you’ve experienced a burst pipe. After that, a burst pipe is something you never want to go through again. They cause damage. You have to call a plumber. You can’t use the sink until it’s fixed. Then you get the repair […]

7 Ways to Tell Whether There’s a Problem With Your Sewer Line

Pipeline on land

A broken sewer line could create flooding and contaminate the groundwater. A damaged sewer line creates greater problems the longer it goes unnoticed, which leads to health issues. There are signs to look for to prevent a massive problem in your home from happening. 1. Frequent Toilet Backups Toilets usually clog when you flush too […]

5 Ways to Protect Your Pipes From Freezing

Icicles hanging from a frozen water jets, tube, yellow pipe. aged wall background. winter time concept.

Cold winter weather is invigorating. The air is crisp and clear, and icicles hanging from tree branches create a winter wonderland. At night, you’re curled up inside in front of the fireplace, and worrying about plumbing problems is the furthest thing from your mind — until the pipes burst. Here are five tips to help […]