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Things You Should Never Do When Cleaning Drains

Woman Looking At Male Plumber Cleaning Clogged Pipes

When you see water backing up in your shower or find an overflowing drain, you might feel tempted to grab a few tools and handle the job yourself. Home remedies are often dangerous and lead to repairs that cost more than hiring a drain cleaning pro initially. Items intended for cleaning drains, like a plumber’s […]

Tips to Prevent Your Pipes from Freezing


When a cold winter’s night is approaching, it is a wise idea to consider if you should do something to prevent your pipes from freezing. While you might go many winters without getting a frozen pipe, a single burst will be enough to make you cautious every winter after. Pipe bursts from freezing are major […]

What’s That Smell Coming from My Garbage Disposal?


When it’s time to eat and you walk into the kitchen, it is awfully unappetizing to be greeted by a bad smell from the garbage disposal. How can you remove this smell for your own comfort, or quickly before guests arrive? In this step-by-step guide, we’ll show you how to get rid of the gross […]

Dishwasher Not Draining? This Should Help


How can an appliance that is supposed to be so convenient be so frustrating? That’s probably what our clients in Antioch are thinking when they call us because their dishwasher isn’t draining. If you’ve already taken the step of running your dishwasher a second time, just in case it got cut off during the drain […]

Can You Really Unclog A Drain with Cola?


Clogged drains can get the best of all of us. Mystery odors, backed-up sinks, and non-functioning disposals are definitely near the top of the Worst Things about Homeownership list.  Whether it’s a sink or a toilet, we’re always looking for a quick and inexpensive DIY fix. Today, our DIY might involve one of our favorite […]

The Worst Things to Put Down Your Drain (based on actual experience)


OK, friends of Almighty Plumbing, today’s post on the worst things to put down your drain is admittedly a bit self-serving.  Imagine this: It’s Thanksgiving day (it’s creeping up on us, you know), and you’re just sitting down for a lovely meal with your family. The turkey’s perfectly roasted, and everyone’s enjoying one another’s company […]