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5 Ways Sewer Lines Help Preserve Our Environment

Sewer lines are crafted from several materials including iron, clay, PVC, and copper. They play a pivotal role in protecting public health because they keep contaminants out of the environment. Here are five ways that sewer lines make this possible.

1. Collecting and Transporting Wastewater

Sewer lines are the vector responsible for collecting wastewater from homes, industrial plants, and commercial establishments and transporting it to water treatment facilities. If there were no sewer lines, all this waste would infiltrate oceans and lakes and negatively impact industries that rely on quality water to thrive, especially the fishing industry.

2. Ensuring Groundwater Sources Are Safe From Contamination

Groundwater is vital because it is used for cooking, bathing, and cleaning. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, aquifers under the surface of the earth supply water to approximately 37% of the households and businesses in the U.S. Up to 90% of rural households that are not connected to municipal water systems also rely on them for drinking water. Sewer lines keep these water sources safe from waste by containing it. If wastewater is allowed to seep into groundwater, it will be difficult to find potable water sources for drinking and cooking. Consuming contaminated water can cause a myriad of health problems, such as parasites, nausea, and infections. Some contaminants can pose more serious issues, such as organ failure and even death.

3. Protecting the Food Chain

At the start of the food chain, you’ll find the primary producers, such as algae and other plants that live in the water. These plants use sunlight to make their own energy, and they are also the main food source for animals that eat plants. But, when pollution gets into the picture, it can really mess with these primary producers by slowing their growth or even causing them to die. If that happens, the whole food chain starts to crumble. Eventually, this can affect carnivores who subsist by consuming herbivores. If left unchecked, this can impact humans who rely on these animals for food. Sewer lines help protect the food chain because they play a role in keeping raw sewage and industrial chemicals from killing off primary food sources.

4. Keeping Contamination Away From the Soil

Wastewater contains chemicals, pathogens, and organic matter that can be harmful to plants and trees. When these contaminants make their way into the soil, this can interfere with them receiving nutrients and impact their growth. Sewer lines keep the soil clear of these harmful agents, enriching its quality and making it more fertile.

5. Enhancing Air Quality

Raw sewage contains gases, such as hydrogen sulfide, and these can be harmful if inhaled. Not to mention that the odor raw sewage emits is extremely unpleasant. Sewer lines keep these gases out of the environment and transport them to treatment facilities where they can be safely managed.

For sewer lines to do their jobs properly, it is crucial to keep them in top condition, and this is the responsibility of every homeowner. To maintain yours, you should have it cleaned and inspected yearly. For sewer line repair or replacement, call Almighty Plumbing in Antioch, CA today.

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